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Peptides from the manufacturer

Peptides from the manufacturer

- Direct supplies

- High quality

- Affordable prices

- Complete delivery solutions both for Russia and CIS countries

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St Biotechnology Co LTD

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Each our product

passes full

quality control

both in China and Russia.

About Us

St Biotechnology Co is a Chinese company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, which is well known as a territory with developed industrial infrastructure. Our company has the leading place in the production, distribution, retail and wholesale of peptides and other pharmaceutical products. Our company has the 2nd place in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in terms of evaluating the multifunctional capability among the top 500 Chinese enterprises.

Through innovation, St Biotechnology Co's research and development goals are aimed at finding and synthesizing safe and effective drugs fighting chronic diseases.

St Biotechnology Co provides the production, ranging from the chemical synthesis of products and medicals required in medicine to the synthesis and peptides wholesale. This company is an official and certified Chinese enterprise.

Our company is one of the leading pharmaceutical suppliers, which find its strategic objectives in integrating production, international trade, technical consulting, service and technology transfer. We always pay special attention to individual synthesis, contract production, export and import, supply of premium pharmaceuticals, intermediate products, functional food additives, fine chemicals, veterinary and generic drugs.

Since 2013, ST Biotechnology started the peptides production and wholesale, ranging from immunostimulants to cosmetic peptides. All production stages are in accordance with European norms and GMP standards.

Adhering to the basic concepts of the company which are described as "honesty and worthy, mutual benefit", ST Biotechnology always aspires to improve quality of peptides level, thus aspiring not simply to sell its products, but to remain the peptides manufacturer with strong reputation.

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Contact Us

ST Biotechnology LLP., 11 Qiyun Rd, Shushan District, Hefei, 230000 China.